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About us

We are into this perfumery business for the last 50 years and have done business throughout the world. Al Haramain perfumes is an international multi brand perfume showroom located at multiple locations in Hyderabad, it is one of the biggest exclusive perfume showroom in India. It got featured in NDTV Band Baja Bride. Al Haramain perfumes has innumerable varieties of fragrances from around the world, special cut crystal bottles for attar, beautiful golden and silver colored bottles for spray perfumes are our specialty.

Al Haramain has got perfumes from India, Middle East and Europe, as there are no copy rights on fragrances we give you the best fragrance of your choice from all over the world. Our special Indian variety consists of Ruh Ul Ward (special rose), Musk Rose, Woody Rose, Tube Rose, Jasmine, Mogra, Sandal, Indian Bakhoor , Jannatul Firdose, Sandal, Amber, Khus (Vertiver), Musk , Musk Khususi (special Musk) etc. We also deal in Pure Sandal wood and Agar wood.

Special middle eastern fragrances like Bahrain Fijdi, Turabi, Ahlaam, Aseel, Madina, Muqallat Oud etc are also available, these are intense and strong fragrances which stays for very long time. French Fragrances consists of Fragrances which are imported from Europe, and they are matching fragrances of Top Branded perfume fragrances. Our Fragrances can be customized and bought in concentrated perfume attar form in a roll-on bottle or in a spray form which ever is convenient for the customer.

Our perfume ranges to choose from Rs: 300 to Rs: 50k for 12ml bottle of ittar and can be given as a gift in beautiful gift bottles of 3ml, 6ml, 12ml, and upto 100ml bottles.

About Attar/Ittar perfumes:-


Attar/Ittar is a natural perfume oil derived from botanical sources, most commonly these oils are taken from the botanical material through hydro or steam distillation. These oils obtained from the herbs, flowers and sandal wood,

Eastern perfumes are extraordinary famous in the entire world. Some the first lovers of ittars were the Mughals, and their noble courtiers. During the royal period of Mughals they introduced best standards of making perfumes was promoted. During the mughal regime Queen Noor Jahan herself promoted the art of manufacturing the perfumes which were used in India particularly like rose, kevda, jasmine, henna, jawahar ul mushk etc,, but none of them can be compared with unique royal perfume Attar Agar (dhan-ul-oudh) which is Gods unique gift for mankind. This perfume is being used in India and China for more than 400 years,

Traditionally in the Eastern world it was a customary practice of nobility to offer ittar to their guests at the time of their departure. The ittars are traditionally gifted and presented in beautiful cut bottles, these attars were used in accordance with the changing of seasons which leaves a pleasant and lasting effect on the health, mind, and psychology of men and women.